Bottle Beer - 5

Widmer Wheat
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Tsing Tao              
Firestone Dbl Barrel
Coors Light          
Guinness - 6.00
St. Pauli Girl N/A   


Ferreira 10yr.Tawny - 10
Ferreira Reserva - 10

Single Malts ~ Cognac

McCallan 12 - 10    
Laphroaig - 10
Courvoisier VS - 10
Hennessy VS 10 - 9

Juice,  Iced Tea, etc.

Odwalla OJ - 3.5
Grapefruit - 3.5
Odwalla Lemonade - 3.25     
Odwalla Lime - 3.75
Arnold Palmer - 3.25     

Republic Iced Teas (17oz bottle) - 4
Decaf Ginger Peach                               
Blackberry Sage                  
Jade Mint

San Pellegrino, sm - 2.5   
San Pellegrino, lg - 4

Tea Pot  - 4.25

Turn a simple cup of tea into a memorable celebration of the senses with Tazzina’s Loose-Leaf Teas exceptional body and full flavor characteristics.  They use only the highest quality tea, fruit, spices and herbs picked at the perfect time to produce the ultimate flavor.

African Nectar, South Africa         
Ginger Mint Tropical, South Africa
Jasmine, China
London Black, India                       
Orange Blossom, China
Whitetip Earl, Sri Lanka

Coffee, Tea

Coffee - 2
Decaf - 2

Complete Espresso Bar Available



Martini Madness

Your choice - 7.5

The Newton

Equal parts Sobieski vodka and Sour Apple Schnapps, splash of pineapple juice

The Fili Cheese

Belvedere Vodka a splash of dry vermouth, with a Gorgonzola-stuffed olive


Midori, Absolut Vanilla, Cruzan Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice


Absolute Citron, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and sweet & sour with fresh ginger shaken and served up


Hornitos Tequila, triple Sec and fresh Odwalla lime juice


Absolut Mandarin, Grand Marnier, Odwalla OJ and sweet & sour, shaken ice cold and served up

The Mojito

Cruzan Rum, fresh lime, mint and simple syrup, muddled, with a splash of soda and sprite shaken and served on Rocks 8.00

Raspberry Lemon Drop

Absolut Raspberry Vodka and Triple Sec, a splash of sweet & sour, served up, finished with a sugar rim and a Chambord drop

Spark Plug

Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, a shot of espresso, HELL-O!


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